Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Joey and Football

The World Cup is here and I've been watching a lot of "Friends" (apologies for the lack of formatting, I'm blogging from my phone). Some weird neuron connection, probably fused as a result of Internet use (that's what everyone's saying these days), fired and connected the two.

Joey Tribbiani, the often dumb "Friends" character played by Matt Le Blanc, is a midfield maestro. In terms of the jokes his character has, and the punchlines.

Midfield Maestro Move #1: The One-Two

Joey: Hey Ross, if homo sapiens were in fact, "homo" sapiens, is that why they're extinct?

Ross: Joey, homo sapiens are people

Joey: Hey...I'm not judging

Or, another one:

Rachel: Guys and girls both carry this bag. Unisex

Joey: Maybe you need sex. I had sex a couple of days ago

Rachel: No no Joey...U-N-I-sex

Joey (smiling): Now how could I say no to that?

Midfield Maestro Move #2: The Killer Pass

Joey (hitting on a girl dumber than himself): You look familiar. Maybe it's because I'm on television. I'm Joey Tribbiani


Joey (checking out an attractive girl, within earshot): Hot

Girl (turns): I'm sorry, what?

Joey: I said you're "hot" and now I'm embarassed

Girl: Oh, I thought you said "Hi"

Joey: That would have made more sense

Midfield Maestro Move #3: The Venomous Shot

Joey (about his advice to an acting student): I told him to play the role "super-gay"

(Yeah I know the last one is kind of lame. I thought of the concept in the shower and forgot the example I actually wanted to give)

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causticji said...

Yes, the last one is lame indeed - bloody anticlimax. Go back to shower and rethink the original example ASAP!